Puchong @ 1.5 Storey Townhouse

This brand new Storey Townhouse will win you with it's many facilities & amenities.
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Why Taman Putra Perdana?

  • Taman Putra Perdana is a township in Dengkil-District but teh township's postcode is 47100, 47120, and 47130, which gives it Puchong postal address.
  • There is over 8 educations institution near the area.
  • Strategic location includes being at the intersection of many highways and expressways, including the ELITE, SKVE, LDP, Putrajaya Link, Maju Expressway & Jalan Puchong-Dengkil.

Shopping Malls

More shops, more variety &

more opportunities!

  1. Tesco Bukit Puchong (8.0km)
  2. Aeon Big Puchong Utama (9km)
  3. CarreFour Puchong Utama (9km)
  4. D' Pulze Shopping Mall Cyberjaya (9km)
  5. IOI Mall Puchong (16km)
  6. Alamanda Mall Putrajaya (18km)

                 and more!


With lots of connections,

it's easy to get around!

  1. North-South Expressway Central Link ELITE
  2. South Klang Valley Expressway SKVE
  3. Damansara-Puchong Express LDP
  4. Putrajaya Link
  5. Maju Expressway
  6. Jalan Puchong-Dengkil



Everything just around the
corner for your daily needs!

  1. SK Putra Perdana (4km)
  2. SMK Putra Perdana (4.8km)
  3. SJK(C) Sin Ming (5.7km)
  4. SMK Cyberjaya (7km)
  5. Taylor's International School Puchong (8km)
  6. MMU (7.5km)
  7. CUCMS (8km)

                 and more!



There are more than 8 education institutions around. From primary schools, kindergarten, college and university.

Petrol Stations & Banks

You can find banks and petrol stations almost everywhere.

Homestay & Rental

Homestay occupancy is high. With lots of facilities and amenities nearby, this is a great rental place for workers, tourists & family.


✔ Free SPA Legal Fees
✔ Free Loan Legal

✔ Free 1 Year Maintanance Fee

✔ 10% Rebate from SPA Price
✔ Booking Fee RM1000 Only


  • Central Park
  • Children's Playground
  • Multipurpose Court
  • Open Green Lawn
  • Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Sample Interior

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